Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Feva!

New Baby Chicks March 2013

"You know what would be a really great April Fools joke Mom?" Eli asked me the other morning. "What," I asked unaware of the great idea he had hatched. "It would be hilarious if someone peed down our chimney and put the fire out!" I admit I had to laugh---it was disgusting yes, but I had to admire the creativity.
  Spring means new projects (David is painting the outside of our house--we are so excited!), mud, Easter and a little more sunshine induced cheer! I love that.

 Preston started an Art class. He is not quite so enthusiastic about it as he reported they had to draw their hands last week--and it was hard! He was hoping to be drawing Transformers by now, but apparently the art teacher didn't get his memo. Even though he has whined a bit about how 'boring' the class is, he has been telling me that he is excited to sketch this and that (all Transformer related things).

Eli started a gymnastics class--he loves it. He loves to be active, run, move--and get all riled up. The fact that he is the only boy in the class really doesn't seem to bother him as he seems to still consider girls (although he has noticed some are 'really pretty') as just any other friend. His teacher is a Zumba student of mine and she told me how his first question was "When are we going to learn backflips?" She explained that they would be able to learn those when they were ready, but it would not be for years probably. She said how when he do a running somersault roll he would back up---lift one leg like a cartoon character---make a tough grimace and wiggle his fisted fingers in anticipation before running and diving into his roll. It just cracked her up.

Dallin is getting more mobile every day. He still is not standing on his own (like his adorable cousin Griffin) but has mastered the art of propelling himself backward and around. He has yet to move forward and crawling on hands and knees doesn't seem to appeal to him yet--he prefers the stomach to the ground method. The greatest thing is that Dallin now gives us kisses. You know how babies do that open mouse kiss---they kind of lean in with an open mouth and cover your nose, your chin or eyeball with their mouth. So cute! He is a chunk and Preston told me today when he held him for a couple seconds that Dallin felt so heavy he felt like his back was going to break. I am guessing Dallin is around 23-25's crazy!

Happy Spring to Everyone!