Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dallin Dishes

Dallin with is perfectly gorgeous black eye and his favorite treat--popsicles!
I feel guilt every time I think of this blog cause I am not doing a great job keeping up on it, but today Dallin was being...well, Dallin and I decided I better etch some memories in stone--or at least online. 

Dallin George (sometimes known as just George) is definitely advanced and I say this not to brag, but to commiserate with the other Mother's of not quite two-year-olds who also have advanced children who hit the 'terrible twos' months before their time. Lucky for him, he is flippin' adorable. Every Mom of an almost two year old boy knows about the CONSTANTLY moving little bodies. Just a quick recap of some his most recent exploits: There was the time he pitched a brand new tube of toothpaste into the toilet (the toilet had been fairly recently cleaned and I washed it off so what my family doesn't know can't hurt em right?), plastering ( think drowned-rat-style) his head with hair gel two minutes before we need to leave the house, eating a tube of his brother's mountain dew flavored chapstick (yuck!), rubbing his dad's deodorant under his eyes and lets not forget the time I found a thermometer jammed into the one electric outlet that didn't have a baby-proof cap! Some of his newest favorite tricks have been tasting something---thoughtfully chewing it into a warm mash of mess and then when you are unaware he holds out his hand and says cheerfully, "Here you go!" and deposits the mess of warm chewed up food into your trusting hand. He does it with such a sunny smile it's terribly hard to scold him. For all I know he thinks he has just saved us time chewing up the bit he wants to share with us.
No! We don't want your chewed up food....put it back!

I do recognize though that Dallin is simply trying to figure stuff out in the world so we are generally quite patient with him and I am willing to adapt to keep him safe. I have learned to simply put my makeup on with one foot firmly planted on the toilet lid so he can't play in the toilet (hmm...it's may explain why my right leg is so much more flexible).  and have figured out the lock feature on the dishwasher that even though it's a pain (says hold three seconds, but it's more like 10!) it has save me from a  lot of frustration as his dear little self is constantly happy to start the dishwasher...anytime for any occasion.

My favorite things about Dallin's stage right now is his talking. He of course has 'here you go!' down rather well. He also loves to say 'Hi!' and he says it so enthusiastically you would think he hadn't seen you for years. I love coming home from teaching class cause he runs in saying, "hi, hi, hi!" One thing that is endearing but sad too is that he has never said Mama---it's always been Mom. He enunciates the last 'm' really hard. MoM! So in the morning when he can hear someone moving about the house he will shout a cheery "hi!" through the door. If no one responds he begin to yell out, "Mom! Mom! Hi! Mom!" It's hilarious. The thing he is most famous for saying is 'Yeah' which in weeks recent has turned into 'Yep' (with again a strong enunciation on the 'p'.) I am thrilled and still surprised that he has not picked up on the word no. He certainly hears it enough, but I have NEVER (knock on wood) heard him say no. How did we get so lucky and am I praising the good Lord too soon? For now anyway, he is just this little cheerful positive man. Here is what a daily conversation like Dallin is like:
Mom: Are you ready for lunch?
Dallin: Yep!
Mom: Should we make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Dallin: Yep!
Mom: All right!
Dallin: Ai Ite! (all right roughly translated)
Mom: Here you go!
Dallin: Ere go!
Mom: Is it tasty?
Dallin: Yep!

One of the other tricks he getting rather good at which hopefully will make potty training easier is announcing a 'poop'. Once when he felt like I hadn't heard him announce his accomplishment he stuck his hand down the back of his diaper and then came to me waving his hand yelling 'Poop! Poop!" Lovely.

He loves music and especially singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He can sing the one melody  of "Like a Diamond in the Sky" really well and often after we have settled him in bed we will hear him singing "Ike a da da in da hi" over and over...eventually he follows it with the song he has sang since he was a few months old which just a monotone "Aaaahhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhh" always at the same low pitch. He will be great at meditating some day!  "Ooohm....Ooohm...."
DG is so charming a friend of mine game him enough
money to buy his own trampoline! Geez.
His brothers are more thrilled than jealous. :) 

With such a big age gap you might wonder how the three boys all get along. Well according to Dallin there is no age gap. He throws his little body on top of his brothers when they are playing on the floor and gleefully wails on them with his little fists. I scold him and the boys say, "Oh Mom, it's doesn't hurt" (and they are laughing) so heaven knows someday I will get a call with "Olivia, your son Dallin has punched so and so several times in the stomach--he seems to think it's funny!" Preston and Eli adore Dallin and a common sentence they often repeat is, "Aww, he is so cute!" Dallin in turn adores his big brothers as long as they know their place (which is not too close to Mom when he is sitting on Mom's lap) and is always looking forward to following and tumbling around with them after school.

So there is a better picture of Dallin and his little self. I thought I better get it on here cause before I know it there will be another baby to write about. Yep...apparently Dallin put in birthday wish to be a Big Brother in time for Christmas (or actually shortly after). Any bets it's another boy? ;)

PS Just as I finished writing this I heard a tumble behind me and Dallin has rolled off the coffee table in the laundry basket, dumping my freshly folded laundry everywhere....that's what I get for blogging huh?

Just one of the big kids now....hanging out with big brother and cousins 'helping' design their pizzas!

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